White Lines, Black Light

Carousel HorseLinkedSafeCo FieldLungs of the EarthSalmon Bay BridgeFerris Wheel #1Federal BuildingPower GridPower Line TowersCentury SquaredAurora Under BridgeTrolley Bus Cable IntersectionEdgar Allan CrowFerris Wheel #2MonolithRight TurnCapital IndustriesDevil in the DetailsViaductress

These images are a result of my not knowing exactly what I was doing during the processing. They all started out as normal black and white photographs, but the subjects weren’t as compelling to me after I processed them. So I just started manipulating them with various filters in Photoshop to see if I could make them more interesting somehow. I settled on the effect seen here. The images have been reduced to their barest elements: shapes, lines, composition and negative space. I feel it gives them a strength they lacked as simple photographs.