Re-Visioned-Worthing through a Filter (and other south coast locales)


For as long as I can recall, I’ve been fascinated by photography. How a single moment, frozen in time can convey so much. A way of seeing things that might not otherwise be apparent, a different perspective, a story to be told.

I decided to have a go at capturing the world as I saw it. After much trial and error, and the encouragement of people who didn’t have to be nice to me (i.e. family) I dived in and over the past 20 years have been documenting the environment around me. I made the switch from film to digital over 10 years ago, but largely kept to more conventional processing techniques, processes that would have been done in a traditional darkroom.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve found myself embracing the digital world more fully and utilizing filters and effects. Some of the images on display here may no longer be “true photos” but I still think they are as valid a medium to convey different perspectives, stories and wonder, as a conventional photo does and are as legitimate in their own right.

I hope you enjoy them!