Some HDR photography experimenting with slow shutter speeds on a carousel at The London Zoo

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St Pancras-King’s Cross

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Steam Powered Tractor

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Shadowy People on a Sunny Beach

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Westminster Abbey

I had gone to London for a photo assignment and had some time after the completion of the assignment to wander around a bit. After a day of “corporate” shooting it felt good to let my third eye open and see things in unconventional ways. Case in point: Westminster Abbey. Or more specifically, the exterior walls.

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Isn’t it Grand?

It says it is. I did enjoy the lighting but didn’t venture inside, so I have no idea if the grandiosity continues within.

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Two weeks ago, while at the first day of The International Bird Man Competition, I had just put my camera away thinking that the events for the day had finished when a voice came over the loudspeaker and said something about a Vulcan and a retirement, Spitfire escort and a rare flyover amongst over distorted utterings. As I bent down to pick up my pack, […]

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Like a Whale Breaching

It’s nicknamed the Gherkin, I like my interpretation better. I may be biased. However, it’s actual name really can’t be beat: St. Mary Axe.

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Helicopter from the America’s Cup event in Portsmouth UK. 25 July 2015

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Crow on White

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